Thursday, October 13, 2011

School in Canada

The girls first day of school was September 6th.  I liked the way Labor day neatly separated summer vacation from the beginning of school.  However, it also means school will continue through most of June.  I’m not sure how I will feel about that.
The routine is that Ingrid or I walk the girls to school in the morning.  The school is very close and so we join the small groups of parents and children walking down the street in the morning hours.  A crowd gathers behind the school where we mingle.  It is a daily community event with coffee sipping parents surrounded by backpack and lunch box laden children.  As a bonus the school is on a hill overlooking nearby Laurelwood Conservation Park.  The Fall leaves have been beautiful during the recent sunny weather.
Our new neighborhood is very diverse with people seemingly from everywhere.  In the entrance to the school there is a large world map map with pins stuck in it to show where people are from.  Colorful pins cover the map from edge to edge.  The principal said that there are over seventy different nationalities represented in the school.  We have met people from from China, Japan, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Serbia and of course Canada.  We have even met someone from Upper Sandusky which is from my general area of Ohio.  By the way, her husband is Italian and their children were born in Great Britain.
Z goes to school all day on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every other Friday.  She loves it of course and is quickly building her reputation with her enthusiasm, lovingness, and general strength of character.  When we take walks in our neighborhood Z will sometimes see one of her classmates.  Her typical response is to jump and pull us toward the unsuspecting family until she breaks away to give the kid a big hug.  Their responses vary.  Often they hug her back and I can see by their smile that they are loving it.  Other times they are terrified and try to escape Z’s grasp as they run away.
E is also enjoying herself and has proclaimed that she loves her teacher.  She is in a class with both first and second graders.  Because of her age E would have been placed in second grade meaning she would skip a level.  However, we requested she be in first and they have allowed that.  E is very serious when it comes to school.  When I walk E to school all the students and parents mingle outside before the bell rings.  Then, when it does ring, she stiffens up and puts on a serious face and walks single file with the other students into the school.  E is getting to know a few kids but her style is more reserved and careful.

Click here to learn more about the girls school.

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